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Transparent Language Complete (English) Review

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Transparent Languages are a leading manufacturer of language learning software offering many different languages to budding polyglots. At $179.95 their most comprehensive language learning solution is marketed towards the higher end of the price spectrum. However, if Transparent Languages can deliver on their promise to get you speaking English as you would your mother tongue their product will certainly be worth the price. Confident in this, Transparent Languages offer a 6 month money back guarantee, giving you peace of mind when parting with your hard earned cash.

With Transparent English Complete Edition you will get an integral language learning solution; 5 products in one convenient package!  Whatever your preferences should be, audio courses, reading, immersion or conversation practice, Transparent English promise to bring your level of English up to an advanced level in no time at all.

With Byki Deluxe (part of Transparent English Complete Edition) you immediately begin building the foundations of your dominion of the English language. With thousands of the most common words and phrases in the English language learned and retained using their advanced algorithm that optimizes the learning process, you will be able to construct and rapidly retain an extensive base of vocab. Transparent English also boasts speech recognition, comparison and analysis technology to ensure that users retain this mountain of vocab as it should be correctly pronounced. In order to revise and consolidate what you have learned, Transparent English provide you with Everywhere English; an extensive course of lessons and exercises on CD and MP3 allowing you to fill that 'dead time' in the car, cooking or walking the dog with English learning.

With your foundations set, Transparent English's complete course of lessons will allow you to build and improve your conversation style upon this base. Through the use of texts, videos and stories, all using native speakers, you will learn to speak, read and write in English. From the most basic contexts such as asking directions and introductions to more complex situations such as business meetings and emergencies, you will learn the grammar that will allow you to construct your own sentences. Eventually you should be able to express yourself freely in English, just as you do in your native tongue.

We found Transparent English to be simple, flexible and very practical. From the very start the program focuses on exactly what you will need to learn and no more. As you progress you will be taught grammar but this is kept to a minimum in order not to confuse the user. You will have instant access to translations and, although the course itself is not an immersion one, there are immersion activities. These aspects make Transparent English a very effective crash course for that upcoming business trip or holiday. If you are looking to master English you will have to supplement this program with other language learning tools, but this isn't to say that Transparent English doesn't offer an excellent starting point. The course's flexibility is both a strength and a weakness; users can pick and chose exactly what to study when. For users with language learning experience this is a bonus but for those without, it can be a bit overwhelming as you simply don't know yourself where to start! Our favorite thing about Transparent English was their progress tracker which makes the course stand out amongst its competitors. With this tool you can continually asses your own progress, highlighting strengths as well as areas for improvement.

Although simple (maybe so much so that you won't feel as though your getting your money's worth), if you are committed, Transparent English will certainly do what it says on the tin. If you have never learned a language before and / or have a short attention span, do not let the traditional (even dull) classroom style put you off. Like all language programs, you will get out of it what you put in. Regardless, Transparent English will always provide you with a solid base which can be combined with other language learning methods. With this in mind, check it out yourself, you could be learning to speak fluent English before you know it!

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