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Transparent Language Everywhere Audio: English Review

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Transparent English Everywhere Audio is almost exclusively focused on listening and speaking; arguably, the two most important aspects of learning a language and certainly those that need the most attention. With 20 lessons on either CD or mp3 this course will take you from a beginner level to an intermediate level. The instructions are in Spanish to facilitate ease of use and understanding while users are exposed to native speaker dialog allowing you to perfect your accent. This course would best suit those who have, for a long time, been looking to learn English but have simply not been able to find the time to sit down and study. Everywhere English is fully portable, enabling you to convert that 'dead time' sitting in traffic, cooking or walking the dog into productive English learning. It must been noted that the course only covers beginner to intermediate levels and so would not be suitable for advanced speakers.

Quite clearly, Everywhere English will not improve your written English and nor does it claim to do so. However, Transparent languages do provide you with Byki Express which, although free for anyone to download, will certainly complement users' audio lessons. Furthermore, when you purchase Everywhere English you can get $20 off Byki Deluxe; an excellent tool for vocabulary and grammar learning. For a fully comprehensive English learning solution Everywhere English is included in the Transparent English Complete Edition box set which consists of Everywhere English, Byki Deluxe, and Transparent English Premier Edition. Users looking for something more may want to check this out. 

Each Everywhere English lesson begins with vocabulary and then moves onto a specific grammatical concept. Users are then exposed to what they have learned in context through native speaker dialogs representing real life situations. We found that to make the most of Everywhere English it is best for users to really involve themselves in the course; treat it as though it were an actual lesson. Practically, this will entail repeating words out loud, pausing and rewinding if necessary and taking notes where possible. Also, combining Everywhere English with written exercises available with other products will give you a much more comprehensive grounding in the English language. Although this program aims to focus on your speaking, the lack of speech recognition software puts Everywhere English below some other products in the category. However, for English 'on the go', speech recognition software is almost impossible.

If you are looking for an intensive, comprehensive teach yourself English course, Everywhere English may not be the product for you. However, if you are looking to get a grounding in English and don't have the time for anything more intensive, then we would certainly recommend this product to you. Likewise, Everywhere English will complement other teach yourself English methods that do not incorporate speaking and listening and/or are not accessible 'on the move'. If you are still unsure, the 6 month money back guarantee should give you some peace of mind and the relatively low price of this product makes it a great first step for those not sure about committing quite so much time, money or effort to learning English as other products require.

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