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Eurotalk (English) Review

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Eurotalk Premium Set English takes users from a beginner level to lower intermediate, covering all aspects of the English language at a reasonable price. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocab and grammar are all covered in an engaging and fun way making this especially suitable for children. We especially liked Movie Talk English which really exposed users to English as it is really used. This transforms the learning process from something potentially quite dry to a fun and useful activity. Not only are the prices of Eurotalk's products relativity low, but users can also save money by buying them all as a premium set.

We found Eurotalk's products simple yet effective. Users begin with learning the bare bones vocabulary with Vocab Builder and Talk Now English, then, with Talk More English, they are encouraged to incorporate this into simple sentences using basic grammatical structure. Movie Talk English introduces you to how English is used in the real world while World Talk is excellent in demonstrating how you can use your English in the real world, no matter what your level. In each of these programs, multimedia, speech recognition, games and quizzes keep the learning experience fresh and interesting.

Speech recognition and native speaker comparison almost come as standard in this category. This is because they are invaluable tools in helping you develop your accent and speaking skills; arguably the most important aspect of any language. Eurotalk's technology exposes users to real life dialog and accents then allows them to try it for themselves; the focus is certainly to get you speaking straight away. Unfortunately, unlike other products in this category, users cannot  play the audio software on regular CD players, essentially tying users to their computer when studying English. However, users do have the option to purchase the Eurotalk English Mobile companion separately.

The bright colors and fun graphics make this an excellent product for children and even those with specific learning difficulties. Learning a language becomes associated with fun rather than boring textbooks and classrooms. In this way however, adults may find Eurotalk English quite limited. Despite this, as well as the lack of some of the flashier features boasted by other programs, Eurotalk English is a solid piece of language learning software at a reasonable price. It could be just what you need to get those with a lot of energy to sit down and do some serious language learning.

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