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Unforgettable Languages (English) Review

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Unforgettable Languages English is a teach yourself English program that focuses on increasing users' vocabulary, which it does effectively. Furthermore, it also includes grammatical explanations and exercises which budding English learners can use to put together the sentences they need to communicate in English. Although not claiming to be a comprehensive language learning solution, we liked the fact that Unforgettable Languages English  branches out from being simply a vocab builder, exposing users to native speaker pronunciationa, sentence structure and verb conjugations.

Unforgettable Languages English is divided into 10 lesson selections with a helpful glossary to aid navigation. Due to the simplicity of the program we found it very easy to get started and continue using it. If you should have any problems however, there is a customer services number you can call within office hours or if you leave a message they will get back to you when possible.

The course is based around flashcards which are a tried and tested way of learning vocabulary and can be considered an industry standared. Words will appear in both Spanish and English after which users are exposed to native speaker pronunciation. This last part is vital as there is little point in learning words without their correct pronunciation, especially with English which is not written phonetically. Once you have learned a set of words and their correct pronunciation you complete a vocab list. You are then quizzed on the vocab you have learned, entering the Spanish translation of each English word. In addition, users can access basic explanations of English grammar although the program is still quite limited in teaching general English communication skills.

To become confident in expressing oneself in English a variety of activities must engage the learner, not only to keep the experience fresh but also to stimulate different areas of the brain; optimizing the learning process. Unforgettable languages English lacks many of the tools used by other programs in this category to achieve these ends, such as speech recognition technology and online communities. However, the low cost of Unforgettable Languages English must be kept in mind; at least half that of the average product in this category. Furthermore, focusing on vocabulary can be a great way of improving your basic English comprehension skills, especially when native speaker audio is included. The flashcard system, central to Unforgettable Languages English, is great for this purpose, although users will have to look elsewhere for a comprehensive English course. If you are already studying English in classes this would make a good companion, or if you want to get a taster for learning English, Unforgettable Languages English would be a good place to start.

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