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Myngle (English) Review

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Myngle is a new, innovative and overall different approach to language learning and has been the focus of quite some attention in the sector. Basically, it is a website which connects enthusiastic students and highly qualified teachers all over the world in one virtual language learning community. Its innovative approach has earned it a healthy collection of awards and a 95% student satisfaction rate. However, due to emphasis being moved away from a traditional focus on textbooks, grammar exercises and flashcards this may not be the teach yourself English solution for everyone.

In fact, there is no centralized program to Myngle at all apart from the series of core Myngle English courses that all the teachers offer. When you register, you indicate your preferences and Myngle will make some recommendations for teachers who are best placed to fulfil your English learning needs. Alternatively, you can just search the database of Myngle teachers yourself. Once you have found an English teacher you like the look of you book in your first lesson (for free!). Before your lesson you are encouraged to ensure your system is set up to run the lesson. When you are ready to go you will meet your teacher in the Myngle virtual class room where, with video, audio and online learning tools, you will experience an online one-on-one or group English lesson just as you would in your home. At the end of the lesson the teacher will set you homework and give you feedback, Also, you will leave feedback on the teacher to help other Myngle students choose their teacher in the future. If you enjoyed the lesson then you can book another or even a package of up to 100. This can not only save you up to 40% but may also give you the motivation to keep practicing and studying regularly - vital for effective language acquisition. Myngle also has a free online library and language learning resources for your own private study needs.

Myngle is one of the only products available that combines the unique benefits of personal, one-on-one language instruction with the flexibility that teach yourself English software provides, all at a relatively low price. Although expensive compared to some other teach yourself English products, compared to 'real' private or group lessons Myngle is quite cheap and infinitely more flexible. Whether you want to study English with a British teacher, you can only do classes at 07:00am or you are preparing for specific exams, Myngle will provide you with a highly qualified teacher at your convenience. Myngle can be especially useful for those who travel a lot as all you need is a computer to access your classes. Also, those who live in an area where the language they want to learn is simply not available will really benefit from Myngle.

We found Myngle to be accessible and flexible with great language learning solutions on offer. Just visit their website and you will see a flourishing free market of language teachers and students learning hundreds of languages all over the world. It is a fantastic idea and certainly has a lot of potential for growth; industry awards and approval stand testament to this.

Whether you are generally interested in learning English or have specific needs Myngle's core or personalized courses will meet your needs. If you do not have access to a reliable, fast internet connection and a decent computer you may experience problems but this can be tested before any purchase is made. Myngle's free trial doesn't require you to input your card details, so it's definitely worth exploring.

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