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Teach Me! English Review

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TeachMe! English is not only a complete multimedia language learning package, it is also one of cheapest products in this category. Some of Teachme!'s competitors offer just one aspect of English language learning (e.g. listening). For the same (or lower) price, Teachme! English allows users to study reading, writing, grammar, vocab, listening and speaking. What is more, we were even quite impressed with some of the features available with Teachme! English.

The user-interface of Teachme! English is simple enough, allowing users to get started learning English right away and the course is organized into 5 simple levels of vocab and grammar. Users are taught the fundamentals and then given the opportunity to apply these to a variety of contexts. Teachme!'s autolearn function makes navigating the course very simple; the program will basically move you up levels automatically as you progress! To keep you learning 'on the go' Teachme! English includes an audio CD which you can play in the car, the kitchen or export to Mp3 to keep studying while at the gym or walking the dog. We especially liked the story book feature which enables users to use the English they have learned in a real life context, that of reading a book. Not many other products in this category include this feature, and considering the low price of Teachme! English, we were quite impressed. Likewise, Teachme!'s speech recognition technology is as advanced, if not more so, than many products costing 2, 3 or even 4 times as much! Users can record their voice and then compare the audio playback as well as a sound graphic to that of a native speaker; excellent for perfecting pronunciation!

On the downside, the simplicity of Teachme! English and its autolearn function make it rather inflexible as users cannot really choose what to study when. There is no auto-assessment tools or progress tracker so you will not be able to identify your weak points and improve on them with extra study. Also, you may not really have any idea of what, if any, progress you are making, which can negatively affect your motivation to learn English. This said, the fact is that Teachme! English simply does not boast enough content to allow users to pick and choose, you get the basics and nothing more.

If you are an advanced learner, or looking to become proficient in English, on its own, Teachme! English may not be the product for you. However, if you are looking for a quick and simple introduction to learning English then we would encourage you to check this product out. It won't hurt your wallet and you are unlikely to have any problems using it. If you do, it must be added that Teachme! have good customer support and users are able to get in touch by Email or phone. Although Teachme! English may be lacking in content, for the price you pay you'll get some pretty neat features.

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