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Transparent Language Complete (English) Reviews

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Category: Teach Yourself English Guides (AKA English Learning Courses & Software)
Website: http://www.transparent.com

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Transparent Language Complete (English) Costs & Features

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  • Transparent English Complete Edition: $179.95 (save $29.90 with this box set which includes the three components listed below) 
  • 6 month money back guarantee
  • Postage cost: $4.95 (although users can avoid this by downloading the product)


  • Advanced language learning software
    • A complete course to improve your conversation style
    • Fun language based games to give you a break from your studies
    • Continual self assessment tools allowing you to track your progress and highlight where you need to improve
    • Reading activities
    • Writing activities
    • Immersion activities
    • Conversation practice activities
    • Speech recognition software: compare your pronunciation with that of native speakers
  • Everywhere English
    • Exercises on CDs allowing you to keep practicing your English in the car or while cooking
    • Exercises for your mp3 player so you can keep teaching yourself English while jogging or walking the dog
  • Byki Deluxe: a fantastic vocab learning tool which uses a proven algorithm to optimize the learning process
  • 6 month money back guarantee
  • Phone and Email customer support services


Prices and features are subject to change. For the most up to date information, please refer to the actual website. Click on the button below to check out Transparent.com English for yourself...

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