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Please note that Tell Me More (English) has been discontinued and now redirects to Rosetta Stone (English). We suggest you check out our review of Rosetta Stone (English) instead, or check out the rest of the Teach Yourself English Guides we've reviewed.

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Tell Me More (English) Review

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At $529 for the complete set there is no denying that Tell Me More English is one of the most expensive language learning solutions in this category. However, just a glance above at the 'jam packed' features list shows us that, at least at first glance, you are sure to get your money's worth. On the other hand, no matter how many flashy features a program can boast, if these are of poor quality then they are not worth much; is Tell Me More English a good deal? Is this the language learning solution for you? Read on to find out!

As soon as you begin Tell Me More English you are invited to take a level test and indicate your preferences for what you want to learn and how you want ot learn it. Users then have the option to select the language they would like the user interface to be in as well as customize other settings. Straight away, Tell Me More English proves itself to be very flexible, enabling users to easily get a grip on the substantial amount of content on offer.

We found the features of Tell Me More English quite 'hit or miss'. The speech recognition technology is top notch; each activity focuses on one syllable, you listen to the words pronounced by a native speaker and then repeat. Users can then use the speech analysis technology to visually compare their pronunciation of the given word to that of the native speaker and the program gives you a score of how close you came. There are also conversation and role play activities that are fun and interactive; with prompts, users are guided through scenarios which will be different every time and are a great way to learn grammar and vocab in real life situations. These activities demonstrate Tell Me More English's immersion approach giving you a deeper, comprehensive language learning experience. However, unlike some of their competitors, Tell Me More English give users instant access to a dictionary, one click translations, a conjugator and grammatical explanations. This can alleviate some frustration often associated with total immersion language learning software. It must be noted that towards the more advanced levels the interactive activities become a bit disjointed with a few bugs. Likewise, some of the 'games' can be quite tedious. This said, the positives still outweigh the negatives and you can always chose to avoid activities you do not enjoy. Some may claim that for more that $500 all the activities should be excellent. However, we must remember that different users have different preferences and learn in different ways; no one activity will suit everyone.

We especially liked the tracking tools that Tell Me More English offer. Users can check their weekly activity to ensure they are not slacking and the progress tracker gives you real motivation to either keep up the good work, or put more effort in if necessary. This guidance is personalized by the online tests, activities and a 24/7 online adviser that will be there to support you even after you have completed Tell Me More English.

Tell Me More English is a global leader in language learning software, claims 7 million satisfied customers and has recieved more awards than any other program. This becomes quite clear when users check out their glitzy website, the smooth and stylish interface of their software and the sheer amount of features on offer. Although the quality of these features is slightly hit or miss, on average it is still far above that of most other products in this category and Tell Me More English's progress tracker and speech recognition technology really set it apart from the competition. Tell Me More English is one of the most flexible programs on offer and as long as you have $500 to spare we would recommend it to anyone. Still unsure? Their free one week trail is outstanding and you will even learn a lot from this alone. Check them out, you have nothing to lose!

Please note:
TellMeMore.com (Auralog, Inc.) have been taken over by their rival, Rosetta Stone. Although the original TellMeMore software is still available to buy/download from Amazon, the TellMeMore website now re-directs to Rosetta Stone's website.

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Please note that Tell Me More (English) has now been discontinued.

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